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Interactive tutorial, How to process LC-MS data with (January 21st, 9am-12am)

Purpose of the workshop:

Metabolomics data analysis is a complex, multistep process, which is constantly evolving with the development of new analytical technologies, mathematical methods, and bioinformatics tools and databases.

The Workflow4Metabolomics(W4M) project aims at developing full LC/MS,GC/MS,FIA/MS and NMR pipelines using Galaxy framework for data analysis including preprocessing, normalization, quality control, statistical analysis and annotation steps.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

  • Public:Researchers or students involved in metabolomics by LC-MS
  • Prerequisites: basic knowledge’s of the usual data processing steps for LC-MS metabolomics

Skills acquired at the end of the workshop:

  • What is Galaxy?
  • Comprehend the diversity of LC-MS metabolomic data analysis.
  • Get familiar with the main steps constituting a metabolomic workflow for untargeted LC-MS analysis.
  • Evaluate the potential of a workflow approach when dealing with LC-MS metabolomic data.


Franck Giacomoni, Yann Guitton and Marie Tremblay Franco



Guitton et al (2017) Create, run, share, publish, and reference your LC–MS, FIA–MS, GC–MS, and NMR data analysis workflows with the Workflow4Metabolomics 3.0 Galaxy online

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